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Please note that I've moved out of state effective in October, 2016. I hope you'll be able to continue enjoying these photos. May God continue to bless the St. Therese parish! Chris

Our lives are full of “peak experiences.” The story of Jesus’ Transfiguration on Mount Tabor is what we might call a “Peak Experience” for Peter, James and John. They’re caught up in the light, the sense of exaltation and happiness and want it to last forever. But it isn’t to be so says Jesus. That peak experience was to inspire and give them strength for the upcoming trials that were soon to come. After our own peak experiences, it’s back to the normal day-to-day life.

As Catholics, many view our Sacraments as Peak Experiences – rites of passage and holiness. As part of a Parish Community we enjoy, fellowship and sustain each other, continuing to build up the body of Christ. At these times of togetherness we’re reminded that God’s light shines from within all of us. Through our Photography at St. Therese we hope that you will find some inspiration and joy from these times and that they help you to build up the Body of Christ in your day-to-day life.

Comments are appreciated. Downloads are available free of charge on this site and print are priced at cost.

Yours in Christ – Chris & Joe.

Questions or comments, please contact me at Thanks, Chris

St. Therese 2007

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St. Therese 2008

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Dedication March 2015

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St. Therese 2015

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Rite of Election 2016

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Rite of Election 2016

Easter Vigil 2016

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Easter Vigil 2016

TVR Retreat 2016

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TVR Retreat 2016

Confirmation 11:00

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Confirmation 11:00

Confirmation 2016 2:00 PM

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Confirmation 2016 2:00 PM

2016 First Holy Communion 9am

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2016 First Holy Communion 9am

2016 First Holy Communion 11am

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2016 First Holy Communion 11am

2016 First Holy Communion 1pm

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2016 First Holy Communion 1pm

2016 First Holy Communion 3pm

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2016 First Holy Communion 3pm

Piper & Kate Baptisms

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Piper & Kate Baptisms

Old Photos for Dave

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Old Photos for Dave

Guestbook for St. Therese Catholic Church, Mooresville, NC
Oh, I never have seen someone covering these types of events so up close and with great perfection. Each click has its own rare beauty and sheer perfection which is so stunning and amusing. I am so moved by the skill sets you have shown.
Bridget Brooks(non-registered)
Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures. I was able to fully enjoy watching my son receive his First Holy Communion without the worry of trying to get just the right picture. Knowing that you were taking that job on was such a blessing. I think you did a wonderful job, thank you.
Christine B. Pianovich
Thanks very, very much for all you do for everyone at St. Therese! Mr. Scuron, You have been a blessing to Nick and a great confirmation teacher! The pictures are wonderful and please know we really appreciate everything!!! Your friends, Nick, Emily & Christine
vince curtin(non-registered)
Great pictures of the parish picnic. You do wonderful service to the parish by your photography.

Fr. Vince
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